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sharmin Akther
Apr 03, 2022
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mportant for Mobile SEO in 2015 (Insights Straight from Google)Posted: 2015-03-05 With Google adding mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, this morning's SMX West session on mobile search is packed. Everyone is eager to hear the news straight from Google when company employee list Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Ill yes takes the stage to talk about the update and answer questions from the audience. In addition to Ill yes, audiences will also hear from Mitul Gandhi, Chief Strategist at SEO Clarity. and Bryson Meunier, SEO Director for Vivid Seats . The two things SEOs absolutely need to take away from this session are: 1) Gary Illyes from Google revealed that there is a Google team dedicated to separate mobile site indexing – and separate mobile site indexing is company employee list something Google may experiment with in the future. 2) April 21, 2015, everyone agrees is a “very important day”. This is an exact quote from Gary Ill yes. Read on for the full scoop. Mobile-SEO-Session From left to right: Mitul Gandhi, Barry Schwartz, Gary Ill yes, Bryson Meunier. Gary Ill yes defines “mobile-friendly” According to Illyes, the internet is turning into something more beautiful. Eventually, it will be in our lives 24/7. We're almost there, and yet we still have some website issues to address, namely the general hostility of some mobile sites. There are old technologies that don't work on cell phones. There are still instances where you arrive at a website via mobile only to find it saying, essentially, "leave because I don't support your device." Smartphone penetration is growing and Google wants users to be happy. 67% of people use their mobile phone every day. What are they doing on their phones? Browse the Internet company employee list and visit websites. Since Google wants users to be happy, Google introduced the term “mobile friendly”. It's so important to Google that they created the “mobile-friendly” label. says that Google has experimented a lot with this label and that Google thinks it has an effect on the Internet. Users ar e beginning to realize that
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