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Ft Imran
Jul 30, 2022
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Gene (from Malaysia, now living in the Windy City. A biologist with a wide range of interests, in his spare time, he likes reading, watching opera, writing, cycling, outing, and funny cats) For as long as I can remember, like most children, I have been asking my parents where I came from. Of course, like most parents, my parents wouldn’t tell the unspeakable truth, so they all said that I picked it up from a trash can—picking a child in a trash can is like a national movement for parenting, Much like love. There are now more than seven billion people in the world, and I was around four billion when I was born. Why was "I" picked up in a well-off Chinese telemarketing list family in Malaysia in the 1970s? Why is "I" not one of the other four billion people? Or, why is "I" not one of the other 100 billion or so Homo sapiens who have ever lived? Or even one of the other seven million or so animals? Maybe it is doomed in reincarnation, right? Regardless of why I ended up in the trash, or how hard my upbringing was, most of my physiology, whether it should or shouldn't be, was normal, at least as a human being. And being able to have such a healthy body, in addition to thanking my parents for the kindness of parenting given to the children picked up by the trash, but also because my. DNA can encode more than 20,000 genes and regulate them at the right time. And the performance of the position makes me look like a Homo sapiens, and also have the physiological functions and mental abilities of Homo sapiens. I know very well that one day, the cells in my body will stop functioning, and I will never know what the world will be like in the future. Then various microbes will break down most of the cells in my body, recombine all the molecules and even the atoms, and after several rounds of recombination, they will be scattered everywhere, some of which may end up in another pile that was born in the trash can. in the baby's body.
After each atom in my body has been exchanged for one round, am I still "I"? content media
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