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Md zahid hasan
May 25, 2022
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The location of the registration link on the web page is decisive. According to our research, over 45% of brands integrate registration links directly into their customers' accounts. This is especially relevant for well-known brands such as Ebay, where customers are Cork Bicycle Rent zone accustomed to logging in to their accounts and can subscribe to the program themselves. However, this does not apply to companies with a weak brand image. Fortunately, there are other ways, such as integrating the registration link into the footer ( 30% ), the page header or the body of the page ( 5% each ), or the direct pop-up ( 2% ). It's very common to find subscription links in the footer of websites that users tend to visit when trying to contact your brand. For the French brand Darty, the sign-up subpoena is integrated into the body of the page and attracts consumers with special offers. Use offers to motivate data sharing. 18% of websites have "promotional tools" or "incentives" in their subscription forms, which can take many forms. The most widely used approach is promotion first. Whether the offer is a percentage off or a fixed deduction (for example, a promotional code with a total cost of £ 5 or € 10), this incentive can increase the acquisition of a larger customer segment. Marketing gamification remains popular, and lottery integration is also used as an incentive. In this case, the customer's registration is automatically entered into the predefined prize draw. There are risks associated with this approach. This is because they may hire opportunistic subscribers who are not very attracted to the brand or its products.
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