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HM khairul
Jun 27, 2022
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In today's competitive SEO situation, last year's spam link building tricks don't cut it. For now, it's all about creating quality content that attracts quality E-Commerce Photo Editing links as well. That said, there are classic link-building tactics that have withstood the challenges of time. Guest blogs are one of them. Even when done correctly, guest blogs are one of E-Commerce Photo Editing the best ways to build high-quality contextual links that help your website rank high on Google. On September 12th, we moderated the SEJ Think Tank sponsored webinar hosted by Tim Soulo, Chief Marketing Officer of Ahrefs. Here is a summary of the webinar presentation. Link building by guest blog Common guest E-Commerce Photo Editing blog issues and their solutions Building links through guest blogs involves many challenges, including: Find a blog to post as a guest. Come up with unique article ideas. Accepted by top-notch publications. However, the first thing to consider before tackling any of these is the quality of E-Commerce Photo Editing the content. If your article is of poor quality, it's never: Accepted by top blogs. It will be published for free. Attract backlinks. Send referral traffic. Pass the "manual review". Successful guest blogs and link building campaigns start with quality content, so that should be your main focus. How to make sure you don't run out of blogs for E-Commerce Photo Editing guest posts Searching for blogs related to guest posts is difficult in itself. The typical process looks like this: Create a large list of search queries for blog research. Common search E-Commerce Photo Editing queries include "guest posts," "guest post opportunities," and "send blog posts." Scrap Google search results for all these search queries. Merge everything into one list and remove duplicate entries. Get important SEO metrics for each URL (blog). Doing all this manually can be inconvenient and time consuming.
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