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md Mukter
Jul 31, 2022
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The high sales of Model 3 in the United States in recent years may greatly affect the average mileage of this statistic in the future; but many experts also believe that electric vehicles are generally The probability of fire in the "driving room" is less than phone database that of gasoline vehicles, but if the charging time is also included, there are still doubts. According to information from the London Fire Brigade quoted by British FleetNews , the fire brigade handled a total of 1,898 petrol and diesel vehicle fires in 2019, and only 54 electric vehicles. But on the whole, the fire accident rate of gasoline and diesel vehicles is only 0.04%, but the number of electric vehicles is 0.1%. According to the report, most of these accidents are caused by the accident while the vehicle is charging. At present, when fire brigades all over the world deal with electric vehicle fire cases, they can be roughly disassembled into the following steps: Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) with self-contained breathing apparatus Different from the traditional fuel truck fire, when the lithium battery burns, it will release particles of metal oxides such as nickel, aluminum, lithium, copper, and cobalt, as well as a large amount of toxic gases such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which are very harmful to the human body. Therefore, firefighters must wear Self-protection with a full set of personal protective equipment (including self-contained breathing apparatus) sufficient to block these gases. Determine the vehicle type: pure electric, or hybrid? Which model of which vehicle? First of all, whether it is a pure electric vehicle or a hybrid vehicle, the car factory will mark the high-voltage system components in orange according to SAEJ2990, but firefighters must also observe the engine and the gasoline in the
Tesla being a relatively new car factory.  content media
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