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mim akter
Apr 04, 2022
In General Discussions
General Speed ​​Metrics Load time and Phone Number Database conversion rate Speed ​​distribution per day Page Level Speed ​​Metrics The purpose of the dashboard is to provide you with information about your website and Phone Number Database individual pages, which you can use immediately. It shows you where improvements need to be made. General Speed ​​Metrics Google Data Studio: dashboard about the general speed of Phone Number Database your website. On the first page (the image above) you will find general information about the speed of your website. This shows the number of sessions, page views and transactions, so you know how large the database. You will also see the average Phone Number Database loading time. Because the loading time can differ per device and per browser, this data is named separately. You can see how large the share is of, for example, mobile, and what Phone Number Database the average loading time is. This distribution can also be seen for browsers. Which Phone Number Database browser is used the most and what is the loading time with that browser? Suppose you see that a certain browser loads much slower than the rest. Then the website builder can Phone Number Database investigate whether the website uses techniques that this browser cannot handle. Load time and conversion rate Google Data Studio: dashboard on loading time and Phone Number Database conversion rate. The second page takes a closer look at the relationship between loading time and conversion rate. At the top left you see the loading time (Y-axis) and the conversion rate Phone Number Database per landing page. The bigger the bubble, the more visitors the page has. This way you can quickly see whether pages with many visitors load slower. See the light green bubble.
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