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nafiche 123
Jun 18, 2022
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Finance App has friendly placed a countdown on the page. If the pre-position is a browsing task, click the "Go to Browse" button to enter the corresponding page to see the countdown. After the 60s countdown is completed, click the prompt floating window to return executive email list to the previous page. Advantages: It is very user-friendly, and there is a countdown to inform users that "white browsing" can be avoided. Disadvantage: Users may stay on the page without executive email list browsing, staring at the countdown until completion. 4. How would you design the display of product search results? The interactive example " How to collect coupons that cannot be used tells us to think more when we encounter blank results. Besides the placeholder map, is there any other display plan? The case presented here is similar. When we search for products in the mall, the display design ideas executive email list of search results are usually as follows: Thinking if there is a better way? If no results are displayed with a placeholder image, users will definitely jump out when they enter the page, and the bounce rate of this page must be extremely high. Is it possible to reduce the bounce rate, make appropriate executive email list conversions for users who have targeted searches, and divert traffic to other products? Further dismantling of the display scheme—— If there is no result in the search, but related or popular products are displayed. For example, if a user searches for a mobile phone of a certain brand without results, it can push popular search mobile phones of other brands to the user, which can also hit the user's search executive email list demand. If there are few search results, users will finish reading the results without staying for a long time, so related or popular products can also be displayed to allow users to continue browsing. According to this idea, the design scheme is as follows: 5. The Sohu information browsing page informs executive email list the user whether the task is completed with energy balls Earlier, it was introduced that "JD Financial Browsing Page Countdown Makes Users Know What's in Mind" to let users know whether the browsing task has been completed.
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