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ohadul islamnaim
Aug 03, 2022
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entered the cabinet list one after another, the job function email list resources available to the Xie Clan as a whole were still far less than those of the Bian Clan and New Trends. When "Big Brother" Zhuo Rongtai was appointed in danger in 2019 and took over as chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party under the compromise of all parties, the outside world was shocked that the primary metabolism is a key player and has such influence. Although the 2006 DPP National Congress passed the resolution of "dissolving" the faction, which is often regarded as the main reason for the decline of the "Xie clan", but since the brief entry of Xie Changting into the cabinet for eight months in 2005, one can see the Xie clan and the Bian clan. When there is no peaceful coexistence, the struggle between the two sides is always greater than the competition, and the competition is always greater than the cooperation. In the election, members of the Xie Clan lacked local chiefs, which became a major obstacle for the faction to raise funds. In 2006, when Xie Changting returned to Taipei City again to compete with Hao Longbin for mayor, he failed to win the election. Kaohsiung was taken over by the new trend Chen Ju. At that time, the Xie Clan suddenly lacked major political positions, and was neglected in the central government. At this time, the "Hai Dong" extended a hand of friendship to the Xie Clan disciples and the Xie Clan Party representatives. Starting from the great cause of film and television, entering the political core of the DPP Regardless of the local faction or the central faction, raising funds and personnel arrangements must be the iron law of survival and development. Taking the New Trends as an example, they strictly implement Lenin-style management. In other words, faction members, political officials and elected representatives who hold political positions must abide by the mandatory "internal regulations" when raising the faction's food and grass. Cabinet personnel, state-run undertakings, nominees for constituencies, and the development of "indicator projects" for various factions must also have outstanding military exploits. Recently, the new department has penetrated deeper into all levels of society, and the faction has important members across the business and academic circles. The
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