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Omar Faruk
Jun 23, 2022
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Nofollow was introduced in 2005 and was born in response to spam comments on blogs. Believe it or not, SEO experts were trying to do the Real Estate Photo Editing same as trying to do Google's PageRank on their site. Nofollow basically tells Google (or any other search engine that supports this attribute) not to guarantee the target link. Previously used in page-level meta tags ( it is now much more common to use per-link. What does Nofollow mean? Nofollow is a Real Estate Photo Editing rel attribute The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the page with the link and the page pointed to by the link. Here is an example of a basic nofollowed link: I am using this type of product. Google's webmaster guidelines currently state: "Links marked with these rel attributes are usually not tracked." advertisement Continue reading below However, because Real Estate Photo Editing these targets can be found in other ways (such as following links from elsewhere), not following the links does not guarantee that Google will not be able to find the page. Just four years later, in 2009, former Google Matt Cutts announced that when trying to sculpt PageRank using nofollow, it wouldn't work as Real Estate Photo Editing before. Previously, PageRank was split into a number of outbound follow links. This change meant that it would be split into the total number of links, regardless of whether the links were unfollowed or not . To further explain, here's a Real Estate Photo Editing quote from the Cutts blog: "So what if you have a page with" 10 PageRank points "and 10 outbound links, and 5 of those links aren't followed? Set the damping factor aside to focus on the core of the question. Originally, 5 links without nofollow each flowed a 2 point PageRank (basically, if PageRank was divided by the page's outdegree, nofollowed links wouldn't count in the denominator). Over a year ago, Google Real Estate Photo Editing changed the PageRank flow so that five links without nofollow each flow one point of PageRank. " advertisement Continue reading below Nofollow is a hint Fast forwarding in March 2020, Google announce
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