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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 16, 2022
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In the ever-changing business environment, each item has its own "business card". People in a hurry have their own "business cards"; physical objects in real life have their own "instructions"; similarly, various apps or virtual network products on the web also have their category email list own "product manuals". A product manual is an objective introduction to the product designed and developed by you day and night, a description of the business process and operation process category email list of the product, and a normative guide to target users. Whether as a senior product person or a new product novice, Xiao Bian believes that writing a product manual should be one of the necessary workplace skills in our career. 1. What is a product manual. The product manual is not only an instruction manual, but also a common form for Internet companies to promote and sell their products. It is an objective introduction to the appearance and content of the product, a detailed explanation of the business operation category email list process, and an instillation of the meaning of the product to target users. and values. In life, we often see various product manuals, ranging from automotive product manuals to operation manuals category email list for nuts, which are all our common physical product manuals. For Internet virtual products, such as our commonly used apps or web backend products developed by B-end companies, they all have a detailed product manual. After analyzing them, it is not difficult to find that their composition structure will include company introduction, Product birth background, business category email list scenarios for product adaptation, product functions, features, highlights, content logic, etc... 2. Preparation before writing If your leader is fortunate enough to let you write a product manual, then you can be sure category email list that you have a certain in-depth understanding of the product's overall development process, business logic design, product overall business framework, user usage scenarios, and target user portraits. And this product project must be the most core and largest one among the many projects you have on hand.
How to Write a Good Category Email List Product Manual content media
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