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jannat rodela
Apr 12, 2022
In General Discussions
Using big data to spy on young people, I understand why "Hou Lang" was "stranded". In the past two days, the phenomenon-level marketing TVC "Hou Lang" has been screened. Some people praised it, and some people exhausted various perspectives to ask questions, and the content of "criticism" was full of tricks. Why does a simple marketing video bring about such complex public sentiment, and where is the fundamental problem? Perhaps, jumping out of the emotional level of "The Waves" and comparing it with the rational data content that also tries to understand young people, we can more clearly understand the source of these popular emotions. "Mantis Finance" saw such a data: Baidu's "May 4th Youth Day Search Big Data" report, trying to deconstruct young people's living conditions in the form of big data. By comparing the big data based on objective search results, we may be able to find the root cause of the negative public opinion that "Hou Lang" encountered. Searching job title email list for big data also brings us another perspective on portraying "real" young people. 1. The emotional content of "young people in speeches" does not match the "rational demands" of the publicIn contrast, if the young people in Baidu's "May 4th Youth Day Search Big Data" report are "young people in big data", then the "Young people in the speech" in "Houlang" are "young people in speeches". Not being bought does not necessarily mean that it is not good enough, but the public has generated additional rational expectations for such a TVC, which can only be given by big data, which is a dislocation of content supply and demand. 1. "Selected samples" is a common strategy for emotional TVC, but the rationality of the public has "returned to reality" under the screenRacing, skydiving, professional photography, diving and rafting... The exquisite life of a very small number of people was used as a general sample to represent the post-90s and 00s generation, which caused immediate discomfort, and some excited spectators thought it was market promotion.” stench". Investigating the root cause, using "selected samples" to express the whole is actually a common strategy of TVC, and emotional expression has very good practical effects. The beauty of the workplace. However, as TVC was swiped, gradually, the public had higher requirements for the inspection of promotional films, expecting it to reflect more reality, and began to look for those "reality" that can only be found in data reports with a magnifying glass reason. After all, at a time when real life has become the main tone, and local videos, VLOGs and other forms of recording life are popular, the majority of the post-90s and 00s are still facing life. They have academic pressure and workplace difficulties. The same is true of housing prices. The splendor of each generation has its own performance, but "face the reality" is similar. There are poems everywhere, and there are distant places, but the public is tired of the Internet every day just shouting poems and people in the distance, so they naturally bring Criticize "Hou Lang" with a serious attitude. In fact, by comparison, it is found that viewers with a rational mentality should probably look at the search big data report. Here, the unchanging "realism" of young people is presented bluntly. In addition to the usual "entertainment mania" label, "this group of young people" pay a lot of attention to economic content, such as "How to invest in stocks" and "Nowadays". "What to invest to make money", "2020 housing price trend" and these "vulgar" keywords are still hot spots:1588682753333042.png 2. Expressing support with "envy" but being understood as a form of arrogance and prejudice "Hou Lang" defines young life and even expresses support for the new generation with an "envy" mentality, but it makes many people dissatisfied. The most typical example is that the picture of "Learning a Craft" uses young people playing Gundam. "Playing" is the main tone in the entire TVC. In fact, it reveals that the "front waves" under the heavy pressure of life are strongly opposed to the "back waves". The envy of them, they have a better life.
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