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Jul 28, 2022
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Sometimes, content ideas flow naturally. Other times, you find yourself staring at a blank page with no idea what to write. It’s not long before you’re frustrated, thinking of everything else you could have done with your time and, eventually, you give up. Whether you’re new to content marketing or a veteran, this is an issue everyone faces. That’s why we created a list of our go-to strategies for content inspiration. These ideas make it easy to uncover stellar topics that will bring your target audience directly to your blog: recommended name is what makes affiliate marketing such a powerful pillar of digital marketing. Here we’ll walk you through our whatsapp number list step-by-step guide to using affiliate marketing to reach more of your audience. Find trending topics on Reddit Look for easy topics with SEO potential Have a contrarian take on a popular opinion Host a virtual lunch for your customers Swipe popular headline frameworks Ask the customer success and sales teams Check the “People Also Ask” results Look for pain points in case studies Check your competitors’ paid keywords Research who your customers compare you to Recall experiences to document Find highly shared content in your industry Find your competitors’ top-ranking content Use a content idea generator List pain points your business solves Update existing content 1. Find trending topics on Reddit Reddit is a goldmine of content ideas for almost every industry. People actively ask questions and comment, so it’s easy to see what topics are most popular in your industry. For example, if I sell a keto product, I may head over to a couple of keto subreddits and browse through some of the most popular discussions. All of these topics will be excellent content ideas: Trending topics on Reddit This is a great way to find trending topics, and you can also Google variations of these questions with Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar to see which keywords drive the most traffic. For example, the top-ranking page for the keyword “can you get into ketosis faster by fasting” generates approximately 1,400 monthly visitors. Reddit topics search traffic potential To find the best variation of the keyword, you can take the URL, plug it into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, and click “Organic Keywords.” Organic keywords in Site Explorer 2. Look for easy topics with SEO potential Scrolling through your competitor’s website will probably give you some content ideas. However, many of those topics may be too difficult for you to rank for or may not drive any search traffic. To solve this, use Ahrefs’ Content Explorer to find content in your niche with lots of search traffic and few or no backlinks. For example, a search for “fitness” across the billions of pages in the Content Explorer database will provide you with tons of relevant results. You can then filter for pages with 1,000+ monthly organic visits and fewer than five referring domains (linking websites) to find uncompetitive topics.
16 Ways to Generate Stellar Content Ideas
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