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Simu Aktar
Jun 11, 2022
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Humans have periodic out of control You feel very "sad", and you always feel out of control if you want to control. Although you are already working telemarketing list hard to run forward, from the current point of view, the relative speed is still behind. This lag does not necessarily mean that you are not smart or hardworking, but It may be that you hold things that are far beyond your ability or the time you can afford at the moment. Over time, I have been in a state of relative depression and telemarketing list low self-awareness for a long time. When a certain fuse appears, I really want to be a willful little deserter. I run, I run, I run. Reason tells you not to, but emotion encourages you to run away. At this time, you really can't run, because the telemarketing list problem is the same, telemarketing list if you don't solve it here, it won't disappear in another place. First try to find that you are out of control, then try to accept it, then try to analyze it, find out what is the reason for the out of control, and then deal with it accordingly. This treatment can be an attempt to break through it. If you really can’t help it and want to be self-willed, there is nothing to say. Life is not only happy if you telemarketing list break through the bottleneck, but you can also enjoy the bottleneck. It depends on personal preference. Of course, I personally recommend telemarketing list breaking through it. In martial arts novels, when the protagonist breaks through the bottleneck, it is dangerous and terrifying. After withstood a moment that is like a year, it is the joy of martial arts. I feel that it is the same. telemarketing list If the bottleneck is not difficult to a certain extent, how can it be called a bottleneck? That's called steady progress. Breakthrough is also a process, not a moment, so you must constantly make psychological adjustments during the process. A lot of martial arts masters go into trouble if they don't practice well. Similarly, if they don't adjust well, telemarketing list they may be prone to depression. 2. As a person, you will be afraid and will be afraid of difficulties When the stage is difficult, it is normal for people to be afraid of difficulties.
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